Types of Summer Camps

Are you planning on sending your child to a summer camp, but you haven't decided which one yet? If so, you should know that there are many options, depending on your personal preferences, your child's interests, etc. Regardless of which camp you choose, they're usually a great experience for children. 

Sleep-Away or Day Camp

When you enroll your child in a summer camp, you will have the option to send them to one they sleep at or one they go to during the day only. Sleep-away camps are convenient because your child will be well-cared-for the entire time they're there, and you get a little break from the stresses of parenting. Day camps are great too, and they're perfect for parents who don't want their children to be gone for too long. 

Sports Camps

Children love playing sports, whether it's football, gymnastics, softball, basketball, swimming, etc. If your child is passionate about a particular one, you can enroll them in a summer camp that focuses solely on that sport.  They will learn new skills and spend the summer doing something they love. 

Educational Camps

If you want your child to do some additional academic work while they're out of school for the summer, plenty of camps focus on education. Some focus specifically on one or two subjects, like math and science, while others are more general in their approach. It's a good way to ensure your child doesn't fall behind other children at school and to feed their hunger for knowledge. 

Religious Camps

If your family is religious, there are many camps you can enroll your child in that focus on faith. They will learn about their religion while being surrounded by other children with similar backgrounds. It's a good way to ensure they don't get exposed to messages that don't align with your beliefs while they're away at camp. 

Hobby-Based Camps

Does your child have a particular hobby that they love? Whether it's building rockets, studying insects, fishing, reading, or anything else, you can find a camp that focuses on something they love. It's a great way for them to meet other kids who are into the same things as them. 

Wilderness Camps

Many summer camps focus on different aspects of the wilderness. It makes sense since many camp headquarters are in the middle of the woods. Some even teach survival skills, like identifying edible wild plants, fishing, starting a fire, etc.