Is A Full Immersion Preschool Right For Your Kids?

Did you know that you could start teaching your child a second language when they are as young as 2 years old? Many organizations around the country now offer full immersion preschool, where your child could learn the basics of another language while they prepare for kindergarten. Full immersion means that your child will be taught completely in another language. For example, if you enroll your toddler in a full immersion Spanish preschool, they will still be taught all of their shapes, colors, and numbers, only their instructors will do so in Spanish. Since you will still be speaking to your children at home, they can still learn their maternal language. 

There are many benefits to full immersion preschools, including but not limited to:

Cognitive Abilities

When a child is taught more than one language at a time, they must work hard in order to understand the world around them. This can result in higher cognitive abilities meaning that their brains function more as they try to discern and understand language. Once you have begun a full immersion school, you should make sure to continue so that they can develop as many language skills as possible. Since your child will have an increased cognitive ability, it may be easier to teach them basic skills at home, such as chores and conflict resolution. 

Lifelong Skills

Being bilingual can give you lifelong skills. In addition to being able to connect with more people because you have a common language, bilingualism can help your child to potentially have better job prospects than their monolingual friends. Having your children learn a second language while they are very young can also help them acquire the skills needed to learn additional languages as they grow older. 

Health Benefits

It may not seem like the most common reason for enrolling your child in a full immersion preschool, but their increased cognitive ability may help them to have better health throughout their lifetime. For example, one study claims that being bilingual may help your child to have a lower chance of developing dementia when they are all grown up. 

In conclusion, if you want to set your child up for a lifetime of success, you may want to sign them up for a full immersion preschool. Someday they will thank you for it.... potentially in another language! For more information about immersion schools, contact a program like Lingua Natal.