Simple Ways To Help Get Your Child Ready For Daycare Quicker Each Morning

Having your child go to daycare is an adjustment in many ways. He or she will adjust to the change of scenery, while you'll adjust to either going back to work or being at home without the child. One big change that you'll both need to get used to is being quicker in the morning. When you're caring for your child at home, the mornings may be a little slow paced. However, when you need to get your child to daycare by a specific time, the morning risks being hectic. Here are some simple strategies that you can employ to get your child out the door quicker each morning:

Pick His/Her Outfit Together

If you've already thought about setting your child's outfit out the night before to make things quicker in the morning, you're taking a positive step forward. However, one thing that you perhaps have overlooked is getting your child to help with this process. Daycare-bound children often enjoy choosing their outfits, and if you do this yourself, the child may balk at what you've laid out — and this will massively delay you in the morning. If you complete this task collaboratively the night before, you'll be helping to speed up the process in the morning.

Review What The Child Needs

Often, daycares will give you a list of what a child needs to take to daycare on a given day. For many parents, it's easy to forget to assess this list until you're about to run out the door. Post the list on the fridge door and get into the habit of checking it a day in advance. This way, whether the child needs to take a certain toy to daycare, have a themed lunch, or even dress in a specific manner, you'll have time to get everything together the day before.

Simplify Breakfast

One part of the morning that can slow things down dramatically is breakfast. There are several ways to speed up breakfast, including preparing some elements the night before and focusing on foods that your child enjoys and will ideally eat quickly. You should also think about how to simplify the process. Homemade fruit salad might be tasty, but it can also be time-consuming to make. Instead, think about a cut-up apple or orange, which will still your child a fruity treat, but be faster for you to get ready each morning before daycare.

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