3 Things To Consider Before Choosing A Child Care Facility For Your Child With ADHD

Finding childcare for any child should always involve an individualized approach to find a facility that caters well to the need of both the child and the parents. However, if you throw in the factor of having a child with ADHD into the mix, the process should be even more stringent. The fact is, children who have ADHD often require a different setting than children who don't. However, many parents are not really sure what they should be looking for in a child care facility for their child that may have a different set of needs. If this sounds all too familiar, there is a short list of things to consider that can help you out. 

Look for a childcare facility that has a higher employee-to-child ratio. 

Children with ADHD tend to struggle in usual child care settings because they have a harder time following rules, staying focused during activities, and sitting still. Because of this, it is important that there will be enough staff on site to give your child ample attention. Look for a child care center that boasts a higher number of caregivers compared to children, so you can be sure there will be enough helping hands available and watchful eyes monitoring every situation involving your child. 

Look for a child care center that has ADHD training for staff members. 

Most childcare facilities and daycare centers have different certification and experience requirements for the people they hire. However, only some will go that extra mile to find individuals who have skills and training in the area of ADHD child care and supervision. Don't be shy about asking for credentials of employees to see whether they have ADHD experience and training because this is definitely something that will be an advantage for your child.  

Look for a child care facility that has ample open play area. 

Children who struggle with ADHD can get restless really easily thanks to the fact that hyperactivity is part of the condition. Finding a place that has plenty of room for your child to run and play will mean they will probably get enough play time and play space to feed their need to move around. Fenced outdoor play areas, large play rooms indoors, and plenty of toys for stimulation are all things you should be looking for when you visit a new place to determine if it will be a good fit.