What Does A Great Preschool Staff Do With The Day?

Planning a daily preschool schedule is extremely important to keep a balanced and consistent routine for kids. The activities should be both fun and educational to encourage preschoolers to participate actively. Bear in mind that every preschooler is different, and preschools must cater to their unique abilities so that they can develop and learn the best way possible. Let's look at these five techniques that great preschools use to plan out the day:

Ask the preschoolers what they want to do or learn

Kids are very creative and they usually go after what they want. This is a perfect opportunity to identify their strengths and weaknesses and formulate the best daily routine. Do they like arts and crafts? Are they fascinated with science experiments? Are they interested in learning how to play musical instruments? The possibility is endless.

Divide the day between structured activities and non-structured activities.

Preschoolers have a very short attention span and can get easily distracted by new things. Good preschools do not overcrowd the schedule by having the kids do structured activities like learning about alphabets and telling time all day. When the kids are done with structured materials in the morning, open structure afternoons often called 'free play' can be very exciting. This is the time when kids can go outside, play and possibly reflect on what they have learned earlier that day.

Combine individual activities and group activities

Teamwork and collaboration are two of the most important skills that preschoolers start to develop in school. The kids start to observe how their peers react to what they are doing. At the same time, it is also important to develop self-reliance and appreciate once individuality. By doing activities that promote both teamwork and individuality, the preschoolers have a better chance at adapting to different environments as they grow up.

Engage the Preschoolers to Active Learning

Every activity must be both useful and meaningful. One of the most effective methods of learning is by engaging them and having them express themselves in the most natural way. To encourage active learning, kids should be allowed to speak their minds without any judgment.

Mix it up once in a while

Routine is good, but it can become monotonous for everyone after a while. Sending preschoolers on excursions can be a welcome change in the daily schedule. It is still educational, but it's definitely fun too. These and many other activities will entertain and inspire preschoolers during the day. 

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